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Samvad Foundation is a result of the passionate and dedicated team of professionals who have come together to create a difference. They come from a richly diverse background and experience making it an organisation of worth. 

Godfrey Colaco: Godfrey comes with more than a decade of experience in social sector. He is a graduate and alumni of NMIMS Social Entrepreneurship Programme. He is also an NLP trainer and counsellor. He is an extremely valuable resource and a team player.   

Advocate B D Negi: A lawyer, a teacher and a true human being with pain for marginalised. An LLM from SNDT women’s university, specialised in IPR. She is an independent lawyer and also a faculty in a law college in Mumbai. Her interest includes women empowerment and legal aid.

Varsha Jain: She is post graduate in life sciences, a trained clinical research person but lately into the teaching profession. Also a B.Ed, she teaches Mumbai University students life sciences. Her passion is teaching and interested in education or related area. 

Govind Sharma: Govind is MBA Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS and an HR professional with over a decade of experience in HR, business operations and strategy. He has volunteered in Greenpeace for Junglistans campaign and also an active RTI applicant. He is a blogger and has a deep passion for governance, higher education and not for profit. 

Umesh Mane: Umesh is an MSW and MBA in social entrepreneurship from NMIMS. A person with a very humble background and focus on marginalized people. He has more than 5 years experience in the social sector. 

Ramesh Patel: Teacher by profession, he is Logical, sensible and it is a blessing to have friends like him. An alumnus of University of Madras and Purvanchal University and a mathematics lover. Teaching is his passion. 

Amol Bhosale: Alumnus of Pondicherry University MBA batch of 2006 2008, Once a civil service aspirants, he has rich experience in dealing with government departments and runs a citizen service centre of government of Maharashtra.                      

Neela Sharma: An ex-nurse from Noble award-winning NGO MSF India now pursuing her higher education in nursing. She comes with rich experience in healthcare and patient care management and social work. A sensible person and have seen the pain of women and children.

Suhel Ahmad Ansari: He has a fighter attitude for anything wrong happens a person who hardly pays the bribe. He will be driving people’s grievance related project in Samvad.

Kiran Guduru: An electronics and communication engineer by profession, he is based in Hyderabad. A sensible and committed person for any cause and he is also a friend for life.              

Mukesh Poojari: A graduate and postgraduate of the University of Mumbai, almost qualified cost and management accountant with a deep interest in something for society majorly in livelihood and healthcare. Pained by real-life experience, he is committed towards such causes.                       

⁠⁠⁠⁠ Maya: Mayais a mass media post graduate from Mumbai University and also an MBA in social entrepreneurship from NMIMs. She has more than 5 years experience in the social sector and has worked in NGOs dedicated to children’s cause and education.

Sunita: Sunita is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University and also MBA Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS. She has been working in integrating sports with education and taking masses out of poverty as an ultimate goal.

Dr Vikas Jain: He is a qualified doctor, graduated from MUHS Nashik and has a deep interest in Ayurved and committed to promoting Ayurved. He believes affordable healthcare is people’s right and Ayurved can solve many health ailments.            

Rajita Gudhka: She is a post graduate from Mumbai University and had been in real estate and financial business development role for a quite long time. A strong advocate of men women equality, when I announced she proactively approached to be part of it.