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Dialogue is the most effectice way to understand issues in governance and reolve issues around us. The word Samvad stands for dialogue and dialogue is a process where two way communication happens.

Today, we face various issue in governance and if you see the problem around us, they would have not existed if there would have been good governance. A good governance consist of consistent management, cohesive policies, guidance, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility, and proper oversight and accountability.

Today, most of the problem in our society whether sexual harassment at work place, lack of proper medicare and means of livelihood, poverty, bad roads, corruption, not getting citizen services and any issue you take is result of a bad or poor governance. Therefore we stand.

Our mission is to establish a good governance and make a better society through dialogue (Samvad)

Our approach is to find the gap in governance, whether it is related to government or any establishment, establish a dialogue with them and resolve it. Currently, we have shortlisted following area of work:

  1. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace and women empowerment through various training, sesitisation and intervention including by becoming part of ICC in various organisation.
  2. Education- by adopting municipal corporation schools and improving education level and comptency of the municipal schools.
  3. Providing training on road safety to youth and by establishing communication with government, improve condition of the roads.
  4. To improve roads, garbage and public utilities services in urban areas.
  5. Empowering people through various law awareness seminar and their rights including consumer protection rights, Right to Information, RERA, constitutional rights, human rights and fundamental rights.
  6. Various initiative on economic and social empowerment of people.
  7. Working on the priority sectors of sustainable millenium goals.

Let us work together to create a better society.

We are a registered not for profit under Maharashtra Public Trust Act and Registration of Socieities Act.

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