State wise POSH Cases

The numbers of sexual harassment cases here is the official record cases and majority of the cases remains unreported.

State/UT-wise Details of number of sexual harassment complaints received, updated and disposed in private sector (in reply to Unstarred Question on December 27, 2018) (From : Ministry of Women and Child Development)

Sl. No.State/UTTotal complaintsUpdatedDisposed
1Andhra Pradesh800
2Arunachal Pradesh100
7Himachal Pradesh100
11Madhya Pradesh995
17Tamil Nadu151111
20Uttar Pradesh1911
22West Bengal200

More than 50% women professionals believe sexual harassment at the workplace has increased over the years: Survey 

More than 50% of the Women Professionals believe Sexual harassment at workplace has been increased Over the years

BENGALURU: 56% women believe sexual harassment at the workplace has increased over the years, and 53% women have been subject to sexual comments, gestures, jokes at the workplace, finds a new survey.

Pink Ladder, a career enhancement ecosystem for women professionals has released the findings of “Reach and Impact of Sexual Harassment Policies in India”, through its International Alliance for Gender Studies. This research was carried out across 200 women from 80 organisations across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. According to the study, close to 80% women are aware of policies against sexual harassment at the workplace, but almost 30% women still hesitate to complain to the internal committee about such incidents. More than half of the respondents surveyed would not or are not sure about continuing to work in the same place where the incident of sexual harassment case occurred, and over 65% women believe sensitisation workshops in companies can ensure that colleagues are fair and supportive to the victim during an incident of sexual harassment. 

“There is a need for companies to increase awareness around sexual harassment by defining the conducts that define harassment through periodic sensitisation workshops, forums, talks and discussions. The first step towards this is to understand the reach and impact of current policies and that’s what we have aimed to achieve through this study,” said Soujanya Vishwanath, co-founder, Pink Ladder. The report was released at a panel discussion titled “The Real Change: Reach and Impact of Sexual Harassment policies in India”. 

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