Why Sexual Harassment is a serious issue?

Sexual harassment is a serious indicator of sex discrimination at the workplace and a violation fundamental rights, enshrined in the Constitution of India in Article 14,15,19 and 21. It is also a manifestation of power relations, as women are much more likely to be the victims of sexual harassment because of their already existing vulnerability, insecurity, and social conditioning to accept discrimination in silence. The research methodology adopted for this paper is doctrinal, statutes and secondary sources of information like case laws, books, articles, websites, newspapers etc. The aim of this research paper is to suggest measures to empower women and provide protection against sexual harassment and offer the right to work with dignity and non-discrimination.

Samvad is seriously committed towards the issue and wants to help organisation and employees to create a safer workplace. As a step towards this, we are publishing a series of blog article about this. As of now, Our Trustee Adv. BD Negi is in the Internal Committee of the POSH in the various organisation and training IC Committee members, boards and employees on POSH matters.

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